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Finished Stranger

After many weeks of anticipation, I have finally finished this book. It was a great ending overall. Voske and his soldiers attacked during the big welcoming dance. This caught everybody off guard and they scrambled to their positions. While greatly outnumber, Las Anclas held fast and forced Voske away. Ross used his telepathy with the singing tree to lure all the soldiers and killed many of them. This was the biggest x-factor in the battle. I really liked this book and would suggest it to anyone who likes thrilling novels.

I am halfway through this book called Stranger. Currently, the village was throwing a big party to commemorate the arrival of Ross. Voske and his soldiers caught wind, and attacked during the party. Everybody in Las Anclas raced to their battle stations and have begun fighting. Currently the special forces, the rangers, are trying to infiltrate the army and are sneaking behind enemy lines. I like this part of the book, because it is exciting and very fast paced. I would recommend it to anybody who likes action novels.

Jordan Corbett Showed me this Book 9.

Steel Trapp: The Challenge - Ridley Pearson, Cliff Neilson, Cliff Nielson

I just finished this book, but it got very intense at the end.  Steel was reunited with his father after he had been chased by him,but didn't know who it was.  Steel kicked him down the stairs and then recognized him.  They determined that the terrorists were using technology to rig the lottery. They scanned everybody in the lottery room to see who had a pda which could channel different frequencies. They aprehended the bad guy and saved the lottery. This book has a great balance of suspense and action. I really liked it.

Don't Know What to Think Yet?

Steel Trapp: The Challenge - Ridley Pearson, Cliff Neilson, Cliff Nielson

I'm reading this new book called Steel Trapp: The Challenge. It focuses on a nerdy teenage boy with a photographic memory.  He is nicknamed steel because of his memory.  He and his mom travel to Washington D.C for a science convention.  A lady purposely leaves a briefcase for a terrorist, but Steel tries to return it.  The terrorist becomes aggrivated, and Steel must fight for his survival.I really enjoy this book for its suspense and characters so far.

Continues to amaze!

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

Even when I thought it couldn't get any better, Garth Stein goes and throws a giant loophole into the entire book. This shift shook up the world and turned the plot upside down. Denny's wife died so, according to the rule made by her parents, Denny would once again get to take Zoey.  The twins decided to be selfish and greedy and challenge for full custody of her.  They continue to use low blows and dirty tactics to do whatever they can to get the advantage.  Denny has to hire an extremely pricey lawyer and accumulates a large debt.  He ultimately has to sell his house and Enzo moves along with him to a small apartment. Enzo is hit by a car, and that is where I am currently at.

Great Book!

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

  I absolutely love this book! It is so well written, the story centers around a dog named Enzo who believes he will be reincarnated as a human in his next life so he attempts to do everything he can to earn that title.  Enzo is owned by Denny, a young upcoming professional racecar driver, and eventually his wife Eve and daughter Zoe.  Enzo has to overcome many challenges within himself and the others including when Eve becomes really sick with brain cancer and Enzo is the only one that she can still connect with.  There is no major antagonist within the story so if anyone is looking for a nice laid-back book to relax with, look no farther.  It has all the major parts and I believe it is one of the best ever written. Garth Stein uses his wits and humor to maximize the effect of the entire novel.

Kill Order

The Kill Order - James Dashner

This book, is the unexpected prequel to the amazing Maze Runner trilogy. It details the origins of the sun flares, the cranks, and the development of the dangerous disease, the flare.  I really like this book as I am nearing the end of it.  There is never a slow or dull moment, and Dashner does an excellent job to keep the reader guessing.  The protagonists all have great and interesting attributes, while the antagonists are comprised of multiple parties.  Mark and Alex try to avenge their fallen village by attacking the organized group PFC that created the flare, but at the same time, they have their hands full with the crazy disease-ridden people suffering from the Flare.  I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys The Hunger Games, Divergent, or has read the Maze Runner Trilogy.

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The Kill Order
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